Passion and fascination with light, as well as our claim to be satisfied only with the best, are our daily drive and motivation at OLIGO.

In addition to creative inspiration and contemporary lighting technology, we always strive for technical perfection in response to an all-normalizing mass consumption. As a result, our products reflect our ideas and ways in which we want to live with light.


For over a quarter of a century, we produce distinctive luminaires for the living room and the selected shop and commercial use. With our award-winning single luminaires, rail systems and tailor-made lighting concepts, we have the right solution for almost every requirement. 

We are creative lighting designers and see ourselves as a manufactory. More than ever, this term stands for excellent craftsmanship and reliable quality.


With about 200 skilled workers, two production facilities and state-of-the-art technology, we make precisely manufactured luminaires possible in serial production as well. We offer our partners and customers all the advantages of an industrial production, such as constant use quality, permanent operability and technological longevity. 

The condition for complying with our standards is continuous quality assurance: From supplier management on to factory monitoring of manufacturing and technology to voluntary product certification according to national and international standards.


We design, develop and produce OLIGO luminaires exclusively in Germany and to strict quality standards. 

For both individual items and series production, we can rely on our close and long-standing collaboration with specialised partners. Expert regional firms and service providers deliver customised solutions - outstanding design and technology support for our product ideas.