Living. Working. Presenting. OLIGO single luminaires are a perfect match of timeless elegance and modern “lightstyle” and light comfort. Energy efficient LED light technology alongside flexible possibilities of light control, are what makes OLIGO luminaires lifelong companions in every lifestyle design.


This modular lighting system combines a variety of state-of-the-art technologies and comfort functions such as Tunable White, Casambi on board and invisible height adjustment.

Pendant luminaires

Tables, counters and bars – these all are places for meeting and gathering relatives, friends, customers or colleagues. OLIGO luminaires remain discretely in the background and prepare the setting for the light they shed.


Ceiling luminaires are the classics of the interior lighting design. Both: decorative and functional they shed a soft room light or, as a downlight, serve as subtle elements of light design in every room.


Discrete and yet accentuating design elements in every environment. Due to their directed light cone wall luminaires put halls, living and meeting rooms effectively into perspective.


OLIGO table luminaires are gracile companions and the perfect icing for every design concept. Always within reach, to create the perfect light scenario for reading or working.


Functional and pleasing to the eye: with their noble design and perfect functionality OLIGO floor luminaires are capable of bringing enlightenment to every room.

Light objects

Our light objects are filigree, individually designed luminaires with a representative character. They make a fascinating impression in entrance areas, stairwells or galleries.


Einzelleuchten von OLIGO kommen in vielen verschiedenen Projekten zum Einsatz. Oft kommt es auf dekorative Highlights zu setzen und dennoch minimalistisch zu bleiben.
Erleben Sie unsere Einzelleuchten im Raum und lassen sich inspirieren.

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